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If you have been looking to get rid of all your WordPress support and Maintainance woes for the longest time, we have something that can help you immensely. Are you plagued with issues revolving around the uptime, security, and maintenance of your WordPress website? It doesn’t matter if you are an independent WordPress blogger or a full-fledged business website that is done waiting upon a support email chain for the troubleshooting of their WordPress issues. The team at WP Tech Support has proven to be of great help to WordPressers who need help in the areas mentioned above.

WP Tech Support Offerings

  • WordPress Fixes
  • WordPress updates
  • Offsite Backups
  • Site Security and 24*7 monitoring
  • Website Improvement
  • Performance Tune-up
  • Spam Comment Cleansing
  • SEO Optimisation
  • White-Label WordPress Maintenance for agencies, developers and designers
  • Proactive, Preventative WordPress Support
  • Expert help and a 100% transparent customer portal

Services in a nutshell

WP Tech Support is all about providing emergency WordPress help to WordPress website users/businesses and help them with ongoing website support plans. They offer 24*7 emergency fixes so that as soon as an issue arises, they identify it and resolve it to keep your website up and running as it should be. When opting for services from WP Tech Support, you can have your peace of mind and not worry about the core, theme, and plugin updates, since the team will take care of it for you.

The premium quality support and maintenance service provided by WP Tech Support also includes additional security to protect your website from hackers/malware infections or brute force attacks. With the regular secure off-site backups of your entire website and database offered by WP Tech Support, you can stop worrying about the security of your website once the firewall to improve the security of your website and monitor it for malware is installed.

We all know that a slow loading website can kill the performance and usability of any WordPress site. Let it be known that if your WordPress website takes more than 2-3 seconds to load, users will be very quick to abandon it. So, if your website is facing similar issues, WP Tech Support also offers the performance check to tune up your site to speed up page loading times.

You can also simply raise a support ticket and request website improvements through their online portal if there are some major issues that need an expert’s attention.

WordPress Support Products and Pricing

Emergency Fix Plan (Fixed Price: $65)

  • Premium Emergency Fix for any single WordPress issue
  • Rapid identification and fixing of your WordPress issue

Standard Plan ($36/month; 20% OFF, Based on 6-month plan*)

  • Website Health Check
  • Customer Portal Access and weekly reporting
  • Weekly secure off-site backup of database and site files
  • Weekly WordPress Core Update
  • Weekly WordPress Plugin Updates
  • Daily Security Scan
  • Improve Site Security

Pro Plan ($48/month; 20% OFF, Based on 6-month plan*)

  • Services from the Standard plan included,
  • WordPress Theme Updates
  • 30mins of Website Improvements

Business Plan ($68/month; 20% OFF, Based on 6-month plan*)

  • Services from the Standard plan included,
  • WordPress Theme Updates
  • 60mins of Website Improvements
  • Performance Tune-Up – improve the speed your website loads
  • SEO Optimisation – improve your sites organic search visibility

We highly recommend WP Tech Support because of their proactive, preventative, and holistic approach at maintaining and protecting your WordPress website. With the fast response time and impeccable customer service they offer, you must definitely go for their services. Their transparent customer portal is of immense help as it lets you track the work and maintenance done on your website. A health check is done by WP Tech Support experts to further provide recommendations for improving the security of your site.

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