What Experts Think is Important for Digital Marketing in 2020


As we see a rapid development taking place in the world of digital media, we have realized that the true potential of making any business success in modern times is none other but digital marketing.

Many innovations are on the road and many have already reached their destinations.

However, one thing which we have realized over the course of time is that digital marketing is a platform on a constant change. We have seen an evolutionary uprise in the fields of SEO. We have seen a dramatic increase in the world of community marketing. We have seen content take a new shape and we have seen new technological developments come into the limelight and success. And, we are now waiting and looking forward to seeing another 12 months of wonderful tactics in the world of marketing.

So why choose to explore alone. Let’s hear it from the few SEO experts and understand what’s waiting for us next year.

Do You Know that 2019 is More About Showing Results?

The time for experiments has long gone. It is now time when you should start showing results. It is not what I say but what digital experts around the world are saying.

According to recent research conducted by Matt HolovochColorado SEO design,

As a professional, it is important to measure your clients’ results,” says Holovach. “These results are important not only for your client but also for the SEO professional. Moving forward, use your experience and previous results when crafting a plan for your clients.”

It shows that results are now not only important for you to assemble data and use it for the best use case. It is also important for individual customers who are visiting you and can be leveraged to make sales.

Jack Shepler, the founder and chief strategist at Ayokaystates that SEO practices do not only circulates technical successes. According to him,

The most effective SEO strategy in 2019 is to focus on the end user,” says Shepler. “No amount of backlinks or technical adjustments matter to search engines as much as delivering what the user is looking for. Focus on the visitor’s perspective and you will soar.”

Customer Experience Will Play a Major Role

We have all heard this quite a number of times, and still, we are going to hear it all over again. Customer experience plays an important role in the world of digital marketing. If your customer isn’t satisfied with their service, it is more likely that they will choose to walk away from what you are offering to them.

According to Kath Pay, Holistic email marketing, Founder & CEO,

Customer experience will be one of the key differentiators among brands and email marketers will begin to call upon the three pillars of Customer Experience Email Marketing: helpfulness, personalization, and customer focus.By using these three pillars, marketers will be delivering emails that are more valuable and appealing to the consumer, because they will have the consumer at the very heart of them.”

Another Area of Attention is Going to be Conversion Rate Optimization

In the year 2019, SEO agencies will now be focusing their research on complementing conversion rate optimization. More article/pages will emerge which will have a prevalent on-page optimization. It will not only allow the website to stand apart from the competition but also enable the SEO strategists to build high authority backlinks.

The ideology behind this statement was first presented by Justin Herring of Yeah!


He states,

I believe in 2019 conversion rate optimization for articles/pages will become more prevalent and complement the continuation of strong on-page optimization with a focus still on good high authority backlinks (guest posts or mentions) to your articles/pages,”

Other experts believe that digital is going to get more microscopic in nature.

Everything about digital is going to get more granular,” adds Vin Jawa, ofSunny Landing Pages. “Just like user analytics on your landing pages! Make sure you have the right tools in place.”

Furthermore, one more thing that future digital marketing specialist believes can work wonders for your business is the removal of weak web pages.

According to Irfan Khan, Digital Marketing Manager at Branex,

Identifying wrong and weak pages can help you find the weak loopholes in your website. It can further help you learn key components in this area so you can add some important tactic to larger websites.”

Originality Plays an Important Role in the Year 2019

Collecting, analyzing and documenting results on customers is not the only thing which brand owners are working on these days. But addressing these data collections, understanding purchasing patterns and then utilizing that information to sell is the main agenda. When you use data to tell customers that you care about them, then you are definitely making some positive progress in your market solution.

This year authenticity plays a major role. What you do for your customers and how much effort you put in creating unique campaigns is all that matters.

We all read the gurus and prognosticators in the industry and I feel sometimes group think starts to take over,” adds Holovach. “Remember, it is OK to forge your own way, try new things and use your brain to figure out the best way forward for your clients. Who knows, you might be the next best guru and you didn’t even know it.”

Will Email Marketing Strategist Leverage the Power of Artificial Intelligence?

Today, multiple marketing channels are utilizing the power of artificial intelligence in their marketing practices. The application of AI can be seen on different websites in the form of chatbots and dynamic website designs.

Watching this trend immensely growing, email marketing is significantly catching up rapidly with the trend. We can see smarter email automation flows and more in-depth personalization in the subject lines.

According to Kevin George, Head of Marketing and Branding at Email Monks,

AI in emails is not strong enough to handle email campaigns by itself without involving an email marketer in the mix, it surely does reduce the workload for an email marketer. What needs to be seen is how email marketers will utilize the power of AI in the coming future.”

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