Putting a Premium on Web Design as an Essential Digital Marketing Strategy


With digital marketing becoming the preferred avenue for brands, web design is a huge factor contributing to its effective nature. Data from Pew Research Center reveals that 81% of American adults are online every day, with 28% admittedly online “almost constantly.” More people are online now more than ever, and this fact should propel brands to strategize wisely on their web designs. So here’s why web design is an essential digital marketing strategy.

Brand Building

Outsourcing work to professionals who can design your websites will ensure that they spot any technical malfunctions that can deter users’ experience. These people will also make sure to strike a balance between good design and functionality when it comes to navigation, loading speed, and redirecting to the pages to purchase goods. Elements like color schemes, logos, content, and images should reflect on your brand’s central message to give users a reason to trust your brand and to keep coming back as this is part of why ‘Brand Consistency is a Web Design Essential’.

Target Audience Experience

Your website will prove to be effective if you know who exactly you are addressing. In a piece by HP on ‘generational marketing’, which goes into depth about where companies should put their advertising budget, the glaring difference between Gen Zs, millennials, and baby boomers in terms of consuming media was highlighted. It’s important to consider each generation’s relationship to technology–the current generation is considered natives to it, and thinking in terms of technology is almost like a reflex for them. As the generations get older, they are on a steeper learning curve. The online user experience should be seamless enough for anyone to navigate.


Having a high ranking website should be one of the main priorities of an organization as it will help visitors find their brand and generate more traffic. While content is still very much important, images and mobile-friendliness contribute to SEO rankings as well. When these load faster, websites rank higher. Permalinks should also include the right keywords. Try to allocate enough time and resources to ensure that these are well managed.

Conversion Rates

Good web design will ensure high conversion rates, which are a concrete metric of your success. Reducing your site’s clutter by going straight to the point in spelling out your mission, vision, and products is very appealing to your visitors. GoodFirms reports that 89% of web designers opt for flat design. Excessive gradients and textures are distracting for users who would rather have a much clearer and engaging interface. Your Call To Action buttons, which are considered the most essential part of your website, should be able to direct your users to your desired action––which is more often than not a purchase.

As a marketer, it’s always important to stay ahead. While social media is important, your website should remain a priority too. Keep these tips in mind if you plan on revamping your site and see how your business will thrive.

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