Top 5 Reasons to Go For MS Azure Certification

Over the years, there has been a considerable change in the outlook towards cloud computing. Numerous enterprises all over the globe acknowledge the success with business solutions controlled by Cloud. Cloud computing allows global access to the variously shared pool of assets, empowering the data to be either transferred or exchanged with minimal effort. It has become easier for enterprises to both process and store data in the information centres.

The vast scope of alternatives including high payroll for the specialists has made it an industry of IT experts. Since its dispatch in 2010, MS Azure has added to the critical income development of Microsoft. To drive their businesses, most of the enterprises are utilizing MS Azure, thereby making these certifications valuable. The Microsoft Azure certification can help you strengthen your cloud computing skills. Enterprises can quickly assemble and oversee complex applications effortlessly by utilizing the coordinated cloud administrations. Azure also supports the following-

  • Programming dialects & structures
  • Working frameworks
  • Databases & gadgets

Why choose Azure certification?

Being the most confided in the cloud, MS Azure Certification significantly increases the chances of a candidate to get hired in this domain. It has been seen that those who are MS Azure certified, the opportunities have increased in the recent years.

Here are the top 5 reasons to go for Microsoft Azure certification-

1. Profitability

The ‘’pay as you go’’ from Microsoft allows you to either extend or fabricate assets by using Azure services. It divides the expenses of IT enterprises to a base as the foundation is overlooked by Microsoft on Azure. It can associate the data with the information centres quite readily and faster like no other cloud supplier.

The 24-hour availability fully ensures that each & every part of your infrastructure will be kept up on the cloud by the specialists. But when it comes to small or medium enterprises, they should entirely focus on the business-driven functionalities rather than increasing their consumption. The Azure cloud has the required features to scale up or down the assets needed based on the utilization. It will spare your cost on the following- power usage, redesigning brand new software, buying new equipment, including the maintenance as well as information protection manpower. Therefore the huge demand and the utilization of Azure cloud services bring a wide range of opportunities for those who have acquired the certifications.

2. Unparalleled Hybrid Capabilities

Azure’s unparalleled capabilities make it very interesting as it enables a reliable stage between on-premise & cloud and simple portability. To increase the ease of execution and usage, Azure gives an extensive scope of hybrid or crossover associations including the Express Route associations, VPN’s, and CDN’s in order to increase the ease of usage and execution. For sparing the IT costs, you can use MS Azure Hybrid cloud which can be best implemented by acquiring this certification.

3. IAM (Identity and Access Management)

Azure provides fully protected Identity Access Management abilities with the Active Directory Administration to empower right clients to get to the correct data. With the Azure certification, various business establishments can develop these abilities to become supporting creative business activities, and more energetic.

4. Easier Learning Platform

MS Azure allows you to operate different tools without the need to learn them. MS Azure offers the commonly used tools such as- Github, Hadoop, and many more to make it quite easy for the beginners to adapt and start using the platform. In addition to this, you can also find a lot of study material online, and tutorials as well.

5. .Net Support

To make it easier to understand and the use of various functionalities, MS Azure adopted one of the oldest software development -Net coding. This is one of the reasons why the most number of users as well as software organizations opting for MS Azure.


If you are also looking for the best cloud service which allows the developers, and businesses to increase the efficiency of their processes, then MS Azure is a good option. In order to reach new heights of success, and your business operations, acquiring a MS Azure certification is recommended.

Author Bio: Varun Datta is a serial Entrepreneur and a vivid writer who loves to share what he has learnt in his Entrepreneurial Journey. He has founded multiple companies, out of which is the most innovative one.  It is a waste to energy enterprise which is wholly focused on the production of electricity in order to power the mining of popular cryptocurrencies.

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