Complete Guide To Taxi Booking App Development

Not everyone can afford a brand-new car and even if you have a car, it won’t be possible to take your car out every single day. As petrol prices keep rising constantly and the heavy traffic you have to face every day it might get difficult for you to take your car out. That’s why taxis are made. You don’t have to worry about taking your car out when you can call a taxi right in front of your door. You probably have traveled or booked a taxi like Uber. You just open your Uber app book your taxi by giving all the information and details required and within a few minutes the taxi will arrive right at your doorsteps. You can either pay for your ride before or after completion. Now imagine a world without a taxi booking app, you have to wait and give a hand to every passing taxi on the road and they might be booked. We have a top article about World’s top taxi booking app development companies and what features you should be adding to your app.

There is an on-demand taxi booking app for us because most people are switching from driving their car to booking taxis. After all, it is very comfortable as you don’t have to drive and get frustrated in the traffic or you don’t have to worry about any other issues you might face while driving. Your taxi will pick you from the spot and drop you at your location. What is the first thing you should be knowing before you start with your taxi app development?


The first thing your app should do when someone newcomer is to show up with the registration. This will help to save the details of your customers so the next time the same person books a taxi they don’t have to fill in all the details again. The registration will make sure that the user fills in all their details before they can begin with booking their first taxi ride. It should include all the terms and conditions applied and the details about their ride. How they shall be booking their ride and how would they like to pay for their ride.


When someone books a cab, they would want to know where their cab is so that you need to add a real-time location of the cab. This will help both the taxi driver and the passenger to locate each other and makes it easy to track the location. This will make sure that the cab driver doesn’t reach some other location and the passenger could track their taxi timely.


Payment is one of the most important things when you are developing a taxi app. This will help your customers to pay for their rides. Don’t just give them a single payment option as there are several payment methods available these days. Make sure the payment gateway is safe and secure so customers don’t get scammed while paying for their ride. Payment could be either online or cash or mobile net banking. Provide all the payment options to your customer for a better experience.


Whenever someone tries a new thing, they want to share their valuable feedback whether they liked it or not. Feedback will help to improve your facilities and you can make sure that the next time anyone tries your services doesn’t complain about the same thing. Even in a taxi app development, you need to add a feedback page where customers can write their experience with their ride. Their feedback may include details about their ride, the behavior of the driver, and all the other valuable reviews so the next time you can work on that to improve your services.

Now if you are designing your app for the first time you should plan and check a few things before releasing your app.

Cost of Development

The cost of development depends on your budget and how much you are willing to invest in your app. If you don’t have enough money in the beginning then you should go with few features. You also need to know on which platform you will release your app on like IOS or Android. The cost of development in Android is somehow cheaper as compared to iOS so decide first. Do you want to work on the UI or UX of your taxi app?


Designing an app is important. You need to hire the best designer for your app to make sure the UI and UX of your app give your user a better experience. You have to do some research before you can design your app. The design will not only make your app look more attractive but your user will also have a better experience while using your app. If you want your customers to have a better experience with your app design then try something new and use some AI technology in your app.


Testing is an important part of an app. You cannot just release an app full of bugs and corrupted files that might not work. So, before releasing your app you must check all the things. Test the performance, unit, functions, security, and quality of your app because all these things will make your app the best among all. No user will like to use an app full of bugs and low performance. Make it secure from any kind of virus or hackers. Once you are sure that your app is ready and complete the next process is to release it on the platform.

Some More Unique Features That You Can Add to Your Apps

There should be some extra features every app developer should add to their apps so users can have a better experience.


Not everyone who is using your app is going to be an English speaker; some might even speak and understand some other language. In this case, make sure that your app is available in different languages so people who are different language speakers could also use your app to book their taxis and reach their destination without much effort.


This will help your app to bring more customers. Everyone runs after a discount and if you are providing your customer with some discount on their rides, they will keep booking taxis from your app. Let your customers add some coupon code that will help them save some money on their ride. This is a great way to bring more customers. Most people will find it easy and affordable to book a taxi from your app.

Cancellation and Money Back

We all make mistakes and, commonly, anyone can make a mistake while booking their taxi. Make sure your customers can book the ride before their journey in case of some emergencies or mistakes. Some people pay online so if they have paid for their ride and want to cancel it for some reason make sure they get their money back. This will build trust with your customers. Yes, you can ask them the cancellation reason to make sure what must be the reason behind the cancellation.

Safety First

In case of some emergency or safety passengers can directly send their live location or contact police. All the passengers and the driver must have a safe journey.

You can choose your taxi app design and give your customers a better experience with taxi booking. Let your customers choose from various features available on your app. Make sure they have a different payment option for their ride. Now you know what you should be looking for while developing your first taxi app. The taxi business is growing because most people don’t want to drive a car after 8 hours of work. Some people don’t have a car and they want to travel with their family or friends because taxis are what they will prefer. Make sure your taxi app includes all the features that are important that will make your app the best taxi app.

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