Tips to Use Magento 2 Extensions to Increase E-commerce Sales in 2018

E-commerce sales are a new and fastest growing business trend in the world today. In the present day, with online shopping rising dramatically high, e-commerce business has proved to be much successful. The success of any e-commerce business or store depends solely on the customers. The business should study market trends and initiate marketing campaigns for engaging more and new customers. One such application is Magento 2, a developed and success guaranteed Content Management System. One can get a good Custom Magento extension and be using it for a good business. The e-commerce also needs to keep in mind certain tips while retaining customers and luring new customers using Magento product designer extension:

  • Fast loading Magneto website: A slow loading E-commerce website is the biggest profit destroyer. It puts off the online customer and before the site actually loads, the customer loses his cool and gets off. The e-commerce businesses should invest in the Magento site for optimizing the speed- through the coding, database files, magento extension, Javascript and CSS programs.
  • Include latest products: Including new products and deals on the homepage would lure more customers. The businesses can use interactive and attractive banners as well as discount deal offers on the homepage. Also, one can notify all their customers about the new deals and products of a Magento store.
  • Leverage Customer Reviews: Nothing will ever be sold online without trust. It is the primary driver that fuels every purchasing decision, particularly in e-commerce stores that don’t offer a “money down” choice. The positive review on the item page makes it one bit nearer for your potential customer to effectively put in a request at your Magento store. Product reviews for Magento extension will encourage customers to share their perspective, form trust to your site, support change rate, and collect more movement to your site by showing your customer’s reviews and ratings on your Magento product page.
  • Easygoing Checkout Process: The checkout process of the e-commerce site should be an easy one without lots of steps. Too many steps in the checkout process irritate the customer. As such, adding a One Step checkout process extension would help a lot to simplify the lengthening checkout process.
  • Free Shipping: E-commerce sites should make shipping free to attract more customers. Though there can always be an exception or condition like the site can provide zero shipping costs for making purchases of this X amount or something. As most customers are against the idea of spending extra money as shipping costs, it is best to offer shipping free on Magento 2 stores through the extension.
  • Develop Payment options: A single payment option always turns off the customer. There should be varied payment options to choose from which would make the customer comfortable. Alternative secure and safe payment gateways always help a lot in increasing sales and giving good user and shopping experience to the customer. If the e-commerce store wants sales on a global level, it is best to include Magento extensions which offer multiple payment options popular across the world. This would ensure garnering profits and sales on a long-term basis for the e-commerce site. In addition, the site would also have a client base ranging across different countries.
  • Mobile Friendly Website: People nowadays download applications and look forward to purchasing things through mobile applications and their smart phones. As such, the Magento 2 sales should invest in getting themselves a good mobile platform through magento extension and build that up to a user friendly application easier to download and do shopping.
  • Social Proof: Connecting Social profile with your site is one of the essential features, which expands your brand character. Online networking causes the Ecommerce brands to give authenticity and connection a passionate association with their items. Associate your Ecommerce site on Social Medias like Facebook, Twitter, and so on, to capture the attention of social media peoples.
  • Return Policy: It is fundamental for an Ecommerce site to incorporate Return Policy feature. It is one of the trust building components of online selling. It gives an assurance to the clients that on the off chance that they are not happy with an item or need a replacement, the brand is there for them.


Want to get ahead in ecommerce? With these tips, one can surely have a good use of the Magento 2 extensions to increase their sales and businesses. Marketing never really stops, and there will always be the way to enhance how you maintain your online business. Be watchful for these openings and don’t be afraid to try new stuff.

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