Use Google to Perform a Reverse Phone Lookup

On several occasions, your mobile phone rings and you drop whatever work you are doing just to end up receiving a call from an unknown number. Worse, you are sleeping in night and someone calls you but you couldn’t wake up. Then you try to call back in morning or send texts, but don’t find any response.

This can sometimes be annoying, and all you want to do is know the details or at least name of the person who called. It could be anyone— your friend with a new number, a telemarketer, a scam call, or maybe anyone else. Regardless of the person calling from an unknown number, you can use Google to perform a reverse phone lookup, and know the details of the caller.

What is Reverse Phone Lookup?

If you want to investigate the number who called you, there is a simple search technique called reverse phone lookup. This technique helps you know where this number might have originated from.

All you need to do is type in the phone number into a search directory to find the information about that number.

There are several methods, apps, and websites available today to lookup a mobile number but most of them ask for premium membership, or don’t share the correct information. However, you can perform a reverse phone lookup on Google to track the information of caller.

Using Google For Reverse Phone Lookup

Google is the most popular search engine in the world, and comprises the largest database of information. Hence, its phone directory contains the information of most of the numbers.

Until few years ago, Google used to offer a service called Phonebook Search Operator that allowed reverse phone lookup. It was an advanced search directory and the process was super easy. However, a lot of people complained about it that they didn’t want their number on the directory.

Due to the issues related to personal information of users, Google had to remove the users from the list, but the number of people who complained kept increasing. Hence, the search engine giant officially shut down the service in 2010.

Good thing is that you can still use Google for reverse phone lookup, though the process is more intuitive as compared to Phonebook Search Operator. Follow the steps below to track numbers online using Google.

Type the number in Google Search bar and click search. The search results will show a lot of phone directory websites. If you were called by a business number or from any company that has listed their number on Google, then you’ll find your required thing in top few search results on the page.

What Google now does is fetch information from websites, social media sites and other platforms that are uploaded and made publicly available by users themselves. Hence, it doesn’t cop with any privacy issue.

If the person who called from unknown number has listed his number on any social media site like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, etc., then Google will show you the name of the person with the platform it is fetching results from.

How to Find Address and Phone Number Using Google Reverse Phone Lookup?

If you know the name of the person and their postal code, then you can also find their phone number and address. For example, search “David Marsh 97202”, and the results will appear showing you phone number, address, and directions to that address using Google Map.

This is possible only if they have listed their information publicly somewhere online.

Wrapping Up:

Searching phone numbers and address using Google might sound a little tidy task but it is completely free and the information will be correct. What you shouldn’t do is to pay for information when searching a phone number. Many websites fool you to pay, even when the information is available out there for free. All you need to do is a little digging.

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