How API is Useful in Web Development?

You know Salesforce is a top-class leading firm that is dominating the world through its impeccable services at the current times. It has grabbed the attention of every competitor in the market. It would surprise you to know that around 50% of this organization’s revenue has been earned through API, according to Harward Business Review.

5 Pitfalls of Remote Working & How to Manage Them

Whether to hire remote staff or promote remote work for employees has been a double-edged sword for years, with the idea divided across the aisle. Fast forward to 2020 and the concept of remote working or ‘work from home’ has now turned into a reality. The Covid-19 pandemic not only reignited the ‘remote work’ debate

7 Simple Steps On How To Perform An SEO Audit

Firstly, the term ‘Audit’ according to a common man would mean checking and giving assurance about something, usually accounts. Concerning Search Engine Optimisation too, audit plays a significant role, since it is all about measuring, checking, and assuring the performance in the field of SEO. In the case of SEO too, there arises mismatching issues

Common Windows Live Mail Errors: [How to Fix]

Various types of Windows Live Mail Errors that make most of the users suffer while operating. But what is Windows Live mail or WLM? Let us know more about them in detail through this technical guide. Move ahead and learn about all the WLM errors and how to fix them manually. WLM is a simple

6 Creative Stages of Branding Design – A Complete Guide

Nowadays there is sharp competition between businesses and as such, it is necessary to develop a strong brand identity so that your business can stand out from the rest of the competition. Unique brand identity also helps customers easily recognize your business and helps you achieve success. A Nielsen survey reveals the fact that almost