5 Tips to Improve Magento Performance

Among e-commerce CMSs, Magento is probably the most powerful. It is incredibly good at creating e-commerce websites that are effective, secure, and responsive. Thanks to this, almost 3 million retailers use Magento to run their stores, including 202 of the top 1000 retailers in the US. Of course: In spite of its popularity, Magento is not

How API is Useful in Web Development?

You know Salesforce is a top-class leading firm that is dominating the world through its impeccable services at the current times. It has grabbed the attention of every competitor in the market. It would surprise you to know that around 50% of this organization’s revenue has been earned through API, according to Harward Business Review.

Why Node.JS is Popular in Real Time Applications?

Web design technology has advanced light-years in recent times, reaching completely new and unthinkable tops, and causing radical changes in the web development world. One of these revolutionary technologies is Node.JS, which has deservedly earned a site among the most respected and popular technologies in web development. Node.JS made the impossible possible: that JavaScript could

How to Explain IoT App Development to Your Clients

Today we will talk about something different, something really interesting and fascinating. No, we aren’t going to reveal the secret of immortality. We will guide you into the mystery world of opening by themselves doors, fridges giving information on what to buy, and many other weird things from the future. In this article, we will

4 Things You Need to Include in Your Tech Strategy

In today’s digital landscape, technology is inextricably linked to commercial success. This means that every business needs a comprehensive tech strategy if they’re going to outperform their competitors. When you’re developing your tech strategy, it’s important to take a holistic view of your business and cover every aspect of your infrastructure. With this in mind,

Simple Steps for Growing a Quality Social Media Page

Image source: Pixabay Social media has had a tremendous influence on today’s business world. Everybody wants to gain social media attention on a variety of social platforms, from the biggest ones like Facebook or Instagram to numerous little sites you can find online. Due to the ever-increasing competition and bigger demands on today’s, market, gaining

How To Get Google To Index Your New Website Immediately?

All website owners and digital marketing professionals always talk about the website indexing. Actually, it’s a process in which search engine bots visit your website or its pages, evaluate their usability for the targeted audience, and add them to their databases. This helps search engines to display the indexed websites/web pages in search results against

How to Use Social Media to Market your App

We are in the social media era. Around 3.8 billion people use social media to stay updated about fashion, styles, brands, family and friends, and news and events. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are changing their fundamental nature. From entertaining people, they are now a shopping hub. Last year, almost half of the internet users in the

How to Get More Clients Online?

In the present age of digital trends, a good business is one with a proper online setup and recurring clients based on that. There are a large number of potential clients looking out for the services and products offered by you. All you need is to grasp those opportunities. Dive into this article to learn