Best Open Source Android Apps in 2020

Although Android devices come in many different shapes and sizes, the common unifying factor is its apps. Android is known for its simplicity and great user experience. What has contributed to this is that the platform is open-source. This makes it easy for mobile developers from all walks of life to work and improve on

Best Game Development Software Tools For A Game Developer

Game development is a challenging business industry. It requires mastery of high-level programming languages. Previously, someone with a gameplay idea and onscreen vision couldn’t do much due to lack of money and a strong technical background. However, now, with easy game software and tools, this vast field exists better! In today’s digital world, where the best

11 Mistakes to Avoid When You Develop an App

Can you remember the last time you opened a news website to read the news? Are your purchase decisions made on a brand’s eCommerce app or a website? When was the last time you ordered food by not using your app? If you replied in the affirmative to each of the above three questions, you

Chatbots: How To Leverage Your eCommerce Business

The chatbot is a robotic program that conducts a conversation in the form of auditory or textual messages. These programs are specially designed to convincingly resemble how a human would act as a conversational partner. The main purpose of a chatbot is to support and scale businesses to maintain better relationships with customers. As the

Top 10 Salon Appointment and Management Software

How do you manage your salon business for higher revenues? Do you have any innovative idea to keep a track on your client’s appointment history? If not, then this blog post is for you. We bring you the 10 most promising and reliable salon management software that can help you run your salon business effectively.