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List of Top Appearing Magento Trends 2018

Ever since Ecommerce businesses started evolving, e-store owners often had one name on their lips. And that is – Magento. Thanks to the flexibility, scalability, and extensibility of the platform, the magic of Magento didn’t take long to spread. In today’s swiftly changing ecommerce scenario, Magento definitely deserves the first spot. If you are an

Font Facts to Fine-Tune Your Web Design

Web design is one of those never-ending topics that is continuously evolving. There’s always room for improvement and new ideas and trends are constantly coming along. According to designAdvisor in their infographic on web design trends in 2018, fonts are a prominent feature which greatly influences the success of your website. The types of fonts

Guidelines for Developing Great Business Website Content

Website content creation is an art form all of its own since unlike printing materials, internet traffic like to skim the text. With literally tens of thousands of options at their hands, internet users want to scan content fast to locate effects. When they don’t find what they are searching for, they will immediately bounce

Major Benefits of Using A Salon Management Software

If you have been working with the salon business for a long period of time and having frequent talks with many beauty salon managers, finding out their needs, and also analyzing the dynamics of demand for software products over the past few years, then you would certainly come to the conclusion that the demand for

Use Google to Perform a Reverse Phone Lookup

On several occasions, your mobile phone rings and you drop whatever work you are doing just to end up receiving a call from an unknown number. Worse, you are sleeping in night and someone calls you but you couldn’t wake up. Then you try to call back in morning or send texts, but don’t find

Top 5 Reasons to Go For MS Azure Certification

Over the years, there has been a considerable change in the outlook towards cloud computing. Numerous enterprises all over the globe acknowledge the success with business solutions controlled by Cloud. Cloud computing allows global access to the variously shared pool of assets, empowering the data to be either transferred or exchanged with minimal effort. It

Versum Salon and Spa Software

Business owners have to be up-to-date with their customers in order to be successful and this also applies to the hair & beauty industry. As consumers are becoming more and more tech-reliant, their needs grow and they expect their favorite beauty businesses to adapt as well. Clients want to book quickly, be reminded of their

Manufacturers Take On The Challenge Of Data Security

The relationship between manufacturing and the world of digital applications is changing quickly and it can be hard for the leaders in management positions to keep up with those changes. The requirement to maximize productivity while keeping a balance between security and growth presents itself as a difficult task for many IT managers, compliance officers,